Our methodology

Education model

At Ambassador we work from an early age to develop the emotional intelligence of every child in order for effective and happy learning.



Our students will learn 2/3 languages simultaneously

Personalised learning

At Ambassador we know that every child has their own needs and we plan for these


We work towards promoting creativity as a key tool for children learning


We enjoy a beautiful surrounding that will help our children learn in a friendly and stimulating environment

  • The new Ambassador Infant School has been created to offer a quality and highly individualised education for each and every child. Children do not all have the same needs or wants and at Ambassador we are aware of this. We therefore treat every child as an individual and tailor our teaching to their needs.

  • At Ambassador we encourage our children to play and learn from each other, we want them to share experiences and learn from one another
  • Our ‘Little Ones’ require much attention and we offer all that they need. All our staff are trained in Early Years education and all have First Aid training. The staff to student ratios at Ambassador guarantees the personalised service we are so proud of.
  • We understand the value of learning outside the classroom and in the local environment. Our children will enjoy learning in our garden as well as in the areas surrounding Bellver castle or nearby parks.
  • At Ambassador we are in constant evolution and the professional development of our staff is very important to us. They will always be up to date with best practice and at the vanguard of all educational trends.

We strongly believe that the best transition into an education setting starts at home; an environment known to them. Therefore one of our teachers will visit your child at home to help your child feel more confortable when he/she starts at Ambassador.

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Phone number: 971 092 708

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