Our philosophy

Effort and Commitment

Ambassador International Infant School is the end result of many years of effort, commitment and passion. The school takes the very best of many teaching styles, Montessori, Steiner, Regio Emilia…

Ambassador wants to offer students the opportunity to begin a learning journey that will allow them to unleash their potential and become a reference point for educational excellence.

The school enjoys many links with educational establishment and we welcome future teachers in order for them to continue their development learning from our dynamic and innovative outlook. The teachers of tomorrow will learn from experienced and committed professionals and together will ensure that out students develop a healthy and happy attitude to learning.

Sara Steinfeldt leads the Ambassador International Infant School, of German descent, Sara was born in Nepal and she spent her early life in Spain and India. A graduate from the prestigious Norland College in Bath in association with Oxford Brooks University ending with a Distinction. She was awarded prizes for both practical and academic accomplishments.

She spent her formative years working to raise quality and excellence in schools in the UK. Her experience also allowed her to act as an educational consultant.

From an early age, she always had a vocation to improve the learning outcomes of children. She brings attention to detail and a commitment to Early Years Education. Creating and offering an environment where children are stimulated, curious and encouraging of them to develop their inquisitive skills. Children must be in continuous development and surrounded by adults who make them feel safe and who are working towards their own individual learning journey.

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Carrer Infanta, 22

07014 Palma

Phone: 971 092 708

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