A new chapter in children’s education

A welcoming and natural environment in which to learn
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We aim for an innovative educational philosophy where children learn in a personalised manner and are encouraged to discover their true self.



From a very early age, we encourage and promote the use of languages in a simple and natural way


We encourage the creative talents of each child, by expressing themselves freely.


The day to day life of our children is based around the ability to freely enjoy nature and their immediate environment and in doing so, stimulate their learning outcomes.

Our children learn through play, through the experience of doing and thanks to the environment that surrounds them. They will enjoy the organic garden and exploration areas in our large garden. This will allow them to develop their natural curiosity and given them the opportunity to discover their natural world.

The professional standards at the school along with the passion we have for learning will ensure your child will be in an environment that is well-suited to their educational and holistic well-being. At Ambassador, we aim to strengthen the emotional intelligence of your child and in doing so, guarantee the best investment for them

What’s good for them, is good for you!

At Ambassador, we make sure that the our little ones learn in a dynamic and efficient manner, also allowing for parents to enjoy the flexibility current lifestyles demand.


Parents have total flexibility within our established timetable of 8am to 6pm. You can decide when you come and you can decide when to go.

We have all you need

We understand that there are plenty of things to organise in our own lives, so we aim to make things easier for you; nappies, bottles, milk, snacks, bibs, etc. We provide it all.

Organic Kitchen

Ambassador makes use organic/seasonal ingredients to provide a varied and healthy diet free from sugar or salt. Our kitchen cooks meals on-site and will adapt these to the individual needs of every age group ensuring children grow up healthy and enjoy a balanced diet.

Summer School

Active holidays are what Ambassador is all about. Your child will be able to continue the established routines throughout July and August during our Summer Camp and can even have friends or siblings join.

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Carrer Infanta, 22

07014 Palma

Phone: 971 092 708

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